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Small Business Server 2000 Best Practices
Harry Brelsford

by Andy Goodman

I recently ran across a wonderful book on SBS2000. If you are new to the world of Small Business Server this is a must have. Whether you’re a computer guru or a newbie you’ll find this book chock full of useful info. Written by Harry Brelsford who writes the SBS Newsletter, this book is packed with the stuff you need to know to setup and maintain a SBS Network. Even an old time SBSer like myself found a few things I didn’t know.

  Harry’s light approach makes reading this technical work fun. He takes you step by step through setting up a SBS2000 server for his imaginary company Springer Spaniels Limited. He tells you what to do and in what order. The order can be a real gotcha with SBS. And true to it’s title this book is packed with Best Practices, also lots of screen shots big enough to actually read as well as charts and graphs. And to show you the fore thought of this author he even leaves large boxes for you to make the notes he knows you would otherwise be writing in the margins.

Make a place at your server station for this book, you will refer to it often.

Here is what Bob Clough (a VP at Microsoft) had to say,

“… a remarkable job in portraying the heart and soul of what, in my opinion, a successful technology consultant needs to do with Microsoft Small Business Server 2000.”

  If you would like to read an excerpt form the book take a look at  http://www.nwlink.com/~harryb/sbs

  Available at Amazon for 69.95 if you signup for the newsletter mentioned above at subscribe@nethealthmon.com the publisher is offering a discount for a limited time and you will get a copy of the book personally signed by Harry.  

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