4. The fourth item on the To Do List is Activate Your Server.  Yes, you have to activate it; so let's get it over with.

Once you have Internet access, you should activate the server.  If you forget and it times-out, it will not boot-up without your doing it the hard way over the phone.  See HERE for an example of the hard way.

Save yourself some time and register your SBS2003 software at the same time you activate it.  It is not required to register it as it is activated. However, you do want to know about issues that may effect you, and if you don't register, Microsoft won't have your contact info to let you know about those issues.  Recently all registered users were notified of a problem with the 3rd install disk and Microsoft sent them a new disk.  So, go ahead and register so you don't miss an important announcement.

As you can see it not really any secret information they ask for.

Wow!  That didn't hurt a bit :>), and now you will be notified if necessary.  You can control how little, or how much mail you get from Microsoft by going  HERE and picking which notices you would like.

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