5. The fifth item on the To Do List is Add Client Licenses.
The process for adding Client Access Licenses or CALS has changed in this new version. I would love to show it to you and as soon as I get some CALS I will come back and update this page. Currently there seems to be a shortage of them. There are now two different types of CALS. One for devices and one for users. Microsoft recommends using one or the other, but not mixing them. They make this recommendation so you don't get confused with how many of each you have. I have a slightly different preference. I think it is better to keep the 5 CALS you get in the box as device CALS and add the balance as User CALS. I think this is the best for most small offices. Of course there are going to be times it would be better to have all device CALS. The example that comes to mind is call center that runs around the clock and people share computers. You have to decide for yourself or with the help of your consultant or reseller, which is best for you. You also have to decide which type you want before you purchase them as they have different part numbers. You can not change the designation of your Cals unless you are a SA (Software Assurance) license customer, and then only while doing an upgrade.

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