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At Our December Meeting

Tuesday is our regular meeting date and although our previously scheduled presentation (Exclaimer for Exchange) is not going to be able to make it until early next year, I met someone today whose is going to come and fill in at the last minute for us. More about her in a minute.
First, those few of you that made the long drive to Raleigh today for the Partner Briefing, let me apologize. The content was absolutely not geared for an audience of partners in the IT world. Please believe Tom has been duly chastised for this and assured me he would go back to his practice of reviewing the content before telling us it would be relevant to us. I think he just got lax because we have had such great content lately, he also just came to expect it. Anyway the only saving grace for the day was listening to Melissa Boschert from softchoice. Finally someone who understands MS licensing and can explain it in English. I only had to call her on 2 items out of her entire presentation, may be a record for me :>) So since so many of you did not make it today I asked her if she would come and do the presentation for our group and it just happened to work out with her calendar that she is free this coming Tuesday. So unless you are going to be in a clients office picking up a big check, plan on making this meeting, it will help you understand licensing and help you make more money selling it. She understands her audience and will not drown you in a sales pitch for softchoice, I think she did 5 minutes tops on softchoice and the rest of her presentation on explaining the diferences between the licensing programs and how to take advantage of them.
I know a lot of you are going to say, but I have to do my Christmas shopping, but I really believe if you spend these couple of hours with us on Tuesday, you will learn enough to pay for all those gifts you need to buy this year :>)
Next I am sure you know by know we are hosting the Vista / Office Launch on February 13 for The Triad, but I noticed a lot of you are still not signed up. Please hit the link below and register for the event, and then tell your friends & clients about it. Don't forget this is a split event, not only partners, but also for potential clients & end users, so bring your best pitch, wear a clean shirt, put on your best smile but first REGISTER YOURSELF!
Chat Reminder:
Don't forget to attend my SBS Chat hosted by my friend Jeff Middleton at chat.SBSmigration.com/sbschat on Dec 20th at 7:00pm eastern time

We have tentative commitment from Vlad at www.OwnWebNow.com the home of Exchange Defender to speak early next year to our group, also there is an unconfirmed rumor that Susan Bradley may be coming to town, she is still working on her schedule, I will keep you updated.

Jim Locke, our fearless SMBTN Leader is working on getting a SonicWall training for us in the Triad, if you are interested in attending, please drop me a note and let me know so I can get back to him with a potential head count. I don't have the details yet, but business members will get a substantial discount (or maybe free) over registered members.

And finally a note from my friend Harry

Hey gang –


May we be the first to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS! We appreciate your business at SMB Nation and look forward to serving you hand and foot in the forthcoming year.


Quickly – a few developments you might like to know about:

  • Our new magazine, SMB Partner Community, is complimentary for all Microsoft Small Business Specialists. We believe we have sent you a copy this month but let us know if that’s not the case – we’ll send a sample issue to you pronto!
  • Our HOLIDAY 3-PEAT BOOK SPECIAL is here that bundles the latest managed services books from Erick Simpson and Karl Palachuk PLUS the IT Roadmap book from PJ Colbeck for under $150 USD! Pick the 3-PEAT special at www.smbnation.com
  • We have a few hundred 70-282 certification exam vouchers (30% off) for you! Simply send an email with full contact information (name, address, city, region\state, postal code, telephone) to coupons@smbnation.com. Make sure to take the exam before the coupon expires on 12/31/2006)
  • Beatrice and Harry have issued a complimentary 60-page “red book update” that provide assistance in preparing for the REFRESHED 70-282 exam you need to pass to become a Small Business Specialist!

All this good stuff can be found at www.smbnation.com!


Again – Happy Holidays!!!!

Don't forget we now meet at Fire Mountain Family Steakhouse 1180 S. Main Street, Kernersville, 27284, 336-996-0456

At Our November Meeting

Well Wayne Walker from ClearWire  was a no show, after confirming the day before the meeting, THANKX WAYNE.

But our own John Fuller (recently hired on by Culminis) did a great job be showing you how model the business process of a new client. This is a skill most IT Pro's are lacking and really need to get their heads around. More and more as we move forward you are going to be called on to do more than just hook up the computers, if you don't learn these new skills you are liable to go the way of the doodoo bird and become extinct.

At Our October Meeting

I met a guy named Richard Nixon (yes that is really his name) at the first meeting of the South Carolina SBS Group I attended recently lead by Roger Swanson. Richard works for a company called Red Condor, which does e-mail filtering something like what postini or Exchange Defender does, but works on a different principle.  Anyways he said he would love to come to our group in person and tell us about it. So he will be the presenter for October. I know some of you use the other solutions, so bring your tough questions and lets see if Red Condor holds up. I have asked a few of the security folks I know and none of them have heard of them yet, so you may be the first on your block to hear about this new technology.

The other thing I would like to hear about at this meeting is y'alls reaction to this years SMB Nation, We were represented very well with 7 of our members in attendance. So let me know what you though about the conference and share your stories with those who couldn't attend.

Don't forget we now meet at Fire Mountain Family Steakhouse 1180 S. Main Street, Kernersville, 27284, 336-996-0456

At Our September Meeting

Scott out Co-:Leader ran the meeting as I was already on the West Coast in preparation for the Annual SMB Nation Conference. Speaking of Redmond, I enjoyed seeing y'all at the Community Table which is shared by my favorite teams, the SBS-MVP's, The SMBTN and the InternationalSBSgroupLeads.

Here is Scott's recap,

Michael presented on DNN.  He did a great overview of how it works and what it looks like to the end user as well as the administrator/creator.  I think it is very useful for SBSer’s to know how to put together a simple web site to get customers started- and this is a great tool to use to do it. 

During the installation portion of the presentation we got to see several installation methods that didn’t work.  As soon as everyone left and he was able to concentrate without the pressure of the group he realized what he was doing wrong.  There were several DotNetNuke versions and he was selecting the latest upgrade versions.  You have to start with the base version first, so he needed to start with DotNetNuke_3.0.13 version to begin the installation.  After that completes, then you can upgrade by overlaying the DotNetNuke_3.2.2 overtop of the current code.

 To get a look and feel for what DNN looks like visit some of the sites Michael has developed:

 www.wsoptimist.org this site gets 80,000 hits a month during soccer season.

www.TechnoStudy.com (version 2.0)

www.TriadEAR.com       (version 3.0)

www.TriadSQL.com       (version 3.0)

team.IHFRA.org            (version 3.0)

www.PTNUG.org           (version 1.0)

 www.DotNetNuke.com   this sites has many showcase sites developed each week

www.SnowCovered.com lots more info- modules etc.

At our August meeting

We had an informal Q&A session amongst ourselves, Also I did a short demo of Dana's Firewall Dashboard and then showed off some of the work Anne Stanton and I have been doing for one of my clients with CRM SBE 3.0, sometimes I think these unplanned or unstructured sessions are the best.

Have you heard the SBS Tour is coming to Charlotte this time, I will be there will you?

Here is the note I got from Mark the leader of the Charlotte SBS Group.
I've just received confirmation that Mike Iem (the one who brought us those fantastic SBS Resource DVDs of which I still have a few left) is bringing the SBS Partner Group Tour to Charlotte.  Not only are we going to be privileged to host the event, we have the opportunity to preregister before the news is released to the MS Partner community.  If you are planning on attending this event, please register today!  This event will be standing room only so I don't want any of our SBS Group members left out. 

Go here for event details and registration:


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