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User Group Support Services




User Group Leader and Member Survey

Microsoft needs to properly understand your needs as user group leaders or members so that we can support the technical community to the best of our ability. To help us do this, Im requesting that you complete the survey you will find at Im also requesting that you ask your members to complete the same survey.  The survey is only open until the end of February and is extremely important to us not only does it tell us how we are doing and what we should be focusing on, it also helps us to justify the costs of the UGSS program including the funding we provide directly to the community. Once the survey is closed and we have had time to process the results, we will post the findings on UGSS for the community to review.


Complementary TechNet Professional (NFR) subscription for user group leaders.

One of the things that we said we would try and do for you as a user group leader is provide you with a TechNet subscription to help you in this role. When you complete the survey, you will be able to apply for a complementary TechNet Professional (NFR) subscription as described at, subject to your being a currently registered user group leader on


TechNet Professional (NFR) subscription sweepstake for user group members.

You still have an opportunity to obtain a TechNet Professional (NFR) subscription at no cost even if you are not a user group leader but are a user group member registered on When you complete the survey, you will be able to enter a sweepstake for one of fifty subscriptions, subject to the rules you can find at



Please note your survey answers do NOT affect your eligibility for a subscription if you are a user group leader or your chances of winning a subscription in the sweepstake if you are a member. Please give us your honest and candid opinions!


Many Thanks,

Graham Watson

UGSS Community Manager



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